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Advancing Healthcare Education: Exploring Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Simulation 

Jamie Howell, MSN, RN, CHSE  Western Technical College

This presentation delves into the transformative potential of virtual reality (VR) simulation in healthcare education and training, emphasizing its immersive learning environment and ability to replicate real-life scenarios. It explores the essential factors to consider when conducting VR needs assessments, highlighting the importance of aligning technology with educational goals. Additionally, the presentation examines the benefits and drawbacks of VR simulation, weighing its effectiveness in enhancing learning outcomes against the constraints of traditional clinical experiences. Finally, it offers insights into the practicalities of implementing VR and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms in healthcare education, discussing costs, available resources, and avenues for further exploration through networking and access to relevant research. 

Healthcare Technology Landscape: Anticipated Impacts to the Future of Nursing

Sarah Bell, MSN, MHA, RN   Biofourmis 

As nurses, it's crucial for us to enhance efficiency and make the most of resources in healthcare. The ever-evolving technology landscape offers promising tools to ease our workload. By exploring new care models and how technology can help with tasks and documentation, we unlock countless opportunities. Nurses play a vital role in driving these innovations, shaping the future of healthcare delivery and modernizing our nursing practices.

Innovations in Nursing Education: Preparing Nurses to Lead

Cameron Kiersch, DNP, RN   Viterbo University

This informational session delves into innovative practices shaping nursing education today. We explore the integration of competency-based learning, systems thinking, and leadership development. Recognizing the dynamic and interconnected nature of modern healthcare systems, this approach aims to cultivate future nursing professionals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to thrive in complex and rapidly evolving environments. 

Wonder, Kindness, & Cheer: Igniting Bonds & Possibilities Along Your Path

Shannon Hulett, DNP, RN, CNL   Gundersen Health System

Discover the approach one nurse took in creating a professional path through the changing healthcare landscape. We will find how courage and curiosity provide opportunities to be a pioneer in various healthcare spaces. Exploring the impact her education, experiences, and connections had on the roles and initiatives she chose to engage in, we will reveal the key factors surrounding a body of work that has the potential to shift how each of us can shape the expectations, experiences, and future of healthcare and the nursing profession.

Research Corner

Facilitated by Serina Johnson, DNP, RN, PHN

Three poster authors per session will present their project/study in a brief podium presentation format.

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