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Nursing in a Pandemic: Purpose, Passion and Promoting Self-Care

Please joins us Thursday, April 28, 2022 for this year's Nursing Research on the Green

Nursing Research on the Green 2022 is focused on the well-being of healthcare workers. Pandemic challenges have found many care givers experiencing fatigue, stress, and burnout. This event will offer opportunities to learn about self-care, strategies to fight burnout, care for a team of caregivers, and offer tips for daily practices to help combat stress.

Our Keynote Presentation:
"A Mindful Approach to Preventing and Managing Compassion Fatigue"

Our keynote speaker this year is Sherry Chesak, PhD, RN from Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Dr. Chesak is a Nurse Scientist in the Department of Nursing and Division of Nursing Research and an Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Scientist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Her program of research is centered on care for the caregiver. She aims to promote resilience in both professional and family caregivers of patients with complex health needs by assisting them in managing their stress and promoting their ability to provide optimal, compassionate care. She received a master’s degree in Nursing Education from Winona State University and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She has completed multiple trainings which have prepared her to teach meditation and other mindfulness-based stress management and resiliency principles. She is certified by the Global Resilience and Inner Transformation Institute as a Resilience Trainer.

Dr. Chesak’s keynote presentation is related to individuals who attend to the suffering of those that they care for. These individuals are at significant risk for experiencing compassion fatigue which can lead to high levels of stress and burnout. A key protective factor for compassion fatigue is the practice of self-compassion exercises which research has demonstrated can serve as antidotes to secondary trauma and burnout. The presentation outlines the three components of self-compassion practices, describes research outcomes related to the practices, and provides evidence-based techniques for incorporating self-compassion in one’s everyday life.

Click the image above for this year's full brochure.

Covid-19 Precautions:

All attendees of this event are required to adhere to all of Viterbo University's current Covid-19 precautions, and the Nursing Research on the Green Planning Committee is committed to providing all participants and presenters with a safe educational event.


Face coverings are required for all attendees in all interior public spaces. Guests must supply their own face coverings.

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Sherry Chesak, PhD, RN

Breakout Sessions

Research Corner

Facilitated by Mary Ellen Stolder, PhD, RN, ANP-BC

Available during AM & PM Breakout Sessions

Four poster authors per session will present their project/study in a brief podium presentation format.

"COVID-19 in Long Term Care: the Lived Experience and Lessons Learned"

Elizabeth Cogbill, MD, Gundersen Health System

Available during AM & PM Breakout Sessions

Dr. Cogbill serves as the physician lead of the La Crosse county long-term care COVID team and has managed several hundred COVID patients in the long-term care setting, working alongside administrative staff, nursing staff, and CNAs throughout the course of the pandemic. This breakout session will detail the experience of serving as a front-line nursing home clinician in the time of COVID as well as some of the heartaches, frustrations, and moments of joy.


"Professional Coaching as a Wellness Strategy for Healthcare Professionals"

Jeannette Spilde, MD, Ceritified Physician Development Coach, Mayo Clinic Health System

Available during AM & PM Breakout Sessions


This breakout session will explore coaching as an effective career tool to establish well-being and life-work balance, citing neuroscience and resiliency research.  The session will cover what to expect from a coaching relationship and includes an easy group coaching activity to provide action steps towards your self-care.

“Cultivating Personal Well-Being”

Silvana F. Richardson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, Viterbo University

Available during AM Breakout Sessions


Daily life has its challenges, and often we can be so busy that we forget to take the time to care for ourselves.  Getting regular massages and going on retreats are great ways to renew oneself, but there are also simple techniques that can help us recharge “in the moment.” In this session, we will explore and experience the use of scientifically based “mind body” techniques including guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, acupressure, and the quick coherence technique and explore how to integrate these into our daily lives.

"Promoting Resilience Among Nurses and Nurse Leaders: Outcomes of Individual and Team Based Interventions"

Sherry Chesak, PhD, RN, Dahlberg Scholar

Available during PM Breakout Sessions

Nurses experience high levels of stress which places them at risk for burnout and negatively impacts their ability to provide effective patient care. Therefore, substantive efforts to reduce stress and enhance resilience among nurses and nurse leaders are compulsory. This presentation will describe research studies that have been conducted at Mayo Clinic to enhance both individual and team resilience among nurses and nurse leaders and identify the elements that tend to enhance the effectiveness of resilience-promoting interventions.

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